Thursday, December 6, 2012

Latest Red Velvet

Customer : Kak Azlina Aziz (my officemate)
Date : November 2012
her daughter wanted a lot of cream cheese..there u go girl ;)

Customer : Kak Aisyah (my senior in college)
Date : 24 November 2012
for her anniversary..too bad wrong spelling..sorry huhu..

Customer : Kak Lat Zaharah (my officemate)
Date : 24 November 2012
for desserts table on her daughter's wedding

Customer : Noren
Date : 4 Disember 2012
just for her family..

Customer :  Suriyati (my schoolmate)
Date :  5 Disember 2012
for her son's birthday

i'm still learning on cake decorations..will try my best to suit your request..tqvm to all my customers..;)



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