Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Cake Toppers

due to my bad handwriting..i have to opt by using cake toppers..and i loveee it so much ;)

RVC tq Zu

RVC ordered by my ex intern..tq yaya..

3.7kg 9x11" RVC for my dotter bday bash..;)

1kg++ ordered by my officemate for her mom's bday..tqvm Nana ;)

RVC ordered by Salme to suprise her husband

2kg++ for my husband's bday recently and for the august babies - my cousins & nephew ;)

2kg++ RVC ordered by Arfah..surprise for her future husband ;)

2kg++ RVC ordered by Aida from HKL

2.8kg++ Italian Rainbow ordered by Razika..tq dearie..

Butter Rainbow ordered by my loyal customer kak Ton comey ;)

Butter Rainbow ordered by Nani 

Ombre pink Rainbow for my dotter bday bash

Butter Rainbow ordered by my childhood fren kak Ita

Choc Moist with Dark Choc Ganache ordered by Anese

Choc Moist with Dark Choc Ganache ordered by my loyal cust. kak Aisyah ;)

Wedding & Hantaran

2 tier RVC + cream cheese frosting + buttercream deco
upper size 6" 1kg++
lower size 8" 2kg++

1.1kg++ red velvet for wedding hantaran..tqvm sharil..

2.1kg++ Choc Moist + Buttercream Frosting & Deco + Edible Image + Dark Choc Filling ordered by Roslina Razali for her cousin's engagement..tq kak ina


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